samedi 27 mars 2010

There is no one like our God :D

I am wondering about many thing since I came to Norway. What is the purpose of living in this world? Why God created us?Why do I feel a very big difference between Norway and Madagascar?
And the most important one is: Why did God send me here in Norway?I don't know if some of the other internationals asked theirselves too,but as far as I am concerned it is a very huge question!
Many things about my life has changed since I came to Norway.I feel like my faith is increasing everyday,I need the Lord to guide and to lead me wherever I go and with whatever I do.I am more closer to God now than before.This feeling is getting stronger and stronger!I am more open to Him now,I can ask Him everything and tell Him all my thoughts,my fears,my wishes, ...
I always hear a voice inside my head telling that I don't have to worry about my future because He already planed it for me!He showed and gave me such good things these times.
What I can say is that Lord is my "Savior"

mardi 9 février 2010

Welcome back to Gjennestad! :D

After two months of experiences at Tomb Skole,here I am again at Gjennestad Gartner Skole!It is nice to be back here,and we (me with two boys, from Madagascar and Bengladesh) are going to stay here for two months as well!Here we go again with the plants!!!Gjennestad doesn't have any animals,only flowers,vegetables and herbs (like basilicum,rosmaria,...)

One of the exciting things here is that we can attend the classes with the students and we participate in all kind of activities as well ( sports,christian meeting,games,...)

The first week,we worked with the flowers which is called "Stemor" or "Step-mother" in English.It is one of the famous spring flowers in Norway,we can also find it in the forest.But there are some differences between the wild one and the one which is from the greenhouse.

As I said the first week,we worked with this kind of flower,we did "transplanting",taking them from the little pots to the bigger ones after some weeks of seeding.

jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Forest work

For the first time during the winter in Norway,we've been outside from the morning until 2o'clock in the afternoon.It was not so cold but of course the snow was still there and the temperature was bellow zero.We went to the forest with some teachers from Tomb Skole,we were there to cut some trees and to learn how to use and to work with a chainsaw.

We had to wear special clothes and special shoes to protect ourselves against the machine and the cold.

jeudi 7 janvier 2010

From December 2009 until January 2010

Much number of things happened from the last month of the year 2009 (December) until this new year,and we've done a lot of travel.For the first time in my life I passed Christmas and New year without my family,and it was a bit challenge for me but also one of the best part in my life which I've experienced in Norway.Some days before Christmas we've been together with the headmaster of Tomb Skole in her house and family in Hof,and we had a lot of fun there: Playing with the snow (making Snølys),playing with the hay (høy på Norsk),trying skying,and so on...!That was very nice even though the weather was so cold,around -28 degrees,and they said that Hof is one of the coldest place in Norway.Then we've experienced the coldest winter of this country.In 24th of December,we moved to Stokke and celebrated "Juleaften" with some family friend there.In 25th we moved again to Nøtterøy and passed "Juledag" with our precious Norwegian grand-mother and made Malagasy food together with her,singing together and making a cute snowman!
During the New year's eve,we've been in Hamar: Grimrud Nyttårsfestival,it was a Christian gathering.It was really touching me,and made a big change in my life because we had a lot of worships there and had got a lot of lessons about our whole life.It was so amazing!

dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Little report about the first stay at Hald

During our stay at Hald International Center we`ve got a lot of experiences.One of the most important things is making relationship with others,because we were different people from many different countries there.We also got some information about each country in making communication with each other,and especially about Norway (culture,religion,education,norwegian people,food,...) which are very important and useful for us during our stay here.We also had different types of topic during the classes,and "Know yourself in a team" is one of the most interesting topics because during our practical work we are going to work on group (boys team/girls team),so it is really important to know our own character and also about our team-mate`s character,and to be conscious that other people are different.We`ve also experienced to be in a team there because almost all of the activities were in group.After being at Hald for two months (August-September),we can say that the reason why we are here in Norway is first of all because God decided so and also not to know "How is Norway?" (culture,food,weather,..) but to explore our own idea to develop our own country,to find good things and positive differences between Norway and our own country.For us GreenNetwork,we are more focused on agriculture,then we should share and receive experiences.And also because Madagascar needs to develop in Agriculture area.We can get some skills by doing stages within those three farmar schools (Gjennestad-Tomb-Øya),and then we can contribute to this development project when we go back at home.

vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Feeding the calf.

For some cows which are for exemple sick,we have to use the other systems of milking (the simple machine or by hand)